A Beginner’s Guide In Redesigning Your Balcony: 7 Ideas You Need To Know

Guide To Redesigning Your Balcony

Guide To Redesigning Your Balcony

While many adults dream of owning a big family home, the realities of financing one can be difficult to face. Families today love small apartments and condominium units for their convenient location, friendlier price tag, and intimate living. However, a downside to this is the need to sacrifice some floor area.

Treating your balcony as another room is a great way to get more space with less hassle. It can be the perfect room to get fresh air and bond with your family.

Some condo residents ignore the balcony because it seems detached from the rest of the home. However, all it takes is a little facelift, and lots of love for your balcony can be your family’s sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. Here’s a list of seven ways to redesign your balcony to make the most out of your home.

7 Ideas For Your Next Balcony Redesign

There are a million and one things you can do to give your balcony a well–deserved redesign. Pinterest boards and blog posts can give you in-depth insight into what you want and need—but it can get overwhelming. Start simple with these ideas on your own or with the help of your trusted interior designer.

1.   Make it your own

Balconies offer the advantage of flexibility. Design your space to fit your home. Consider putting waterproof couches and a coffee table to extend your living room where you can entertain your guests. You can also make family time more memorable by enjoying meals with a breathtaking view from your balcony.

Soak up some Vitamin D in the morning with fresh air and a cup of coffee from your small coffee nook or sit back and enjoy a glass of wine for a relaxing night in.

2.   Opt for foldable furniture

Condo units don’t have much space in the first place, and adding more furniture to accommodate your needs can make rooms even tighter. Foldable furniture like chairs and tables are great solutions for making your balcony an area for any activity.

You can go further with this concept by looking for stackable furniture sets that fit your home’s design without risking the functionality of your space.

3.     Get more use out of what you have

Companies prioritize giving their customers more than they think they want. With this, designers create furniture that doesn’t just serve one purpose. Get creative and maximize what your furniture can offer to save more space.

Ottomans make an excellent case study for this concept. Instead of a coffee table, you can get a sturdy ottoman and place a tray on top for a stable surface. It can also double as a footrest for relaxing or a hidden storage unit for your children’s toys or exercise equipment.

4.   Maximize your surfaces

Balcony walls can be a blank canvas for all your artistic creations. You can hang waterproof art for visual purposes or wooden planks for extra shelving space. This can be beneficial as you can add more decorative elements to fit your design objectives without losing walking space.

Consider playing with different materials and textures when designing your walls. Stone cladding works excellent with a warm, rustic ambiance, while a pastel-colored wall can make your days even brighter.

5.   Lighten up

While the sun can sufficiently give your balcony its natural light, brighten your nights with the proper lighting. Candles don’t have to be kept in your house solely for emergencies. Scented candles with a view of the night skyline can give couples a romantic, intimate atmosphere.

Meanwhile, string lights readily available at hardware or craft stores can light up your balcony without being too harsh, plus they can make your space look dreamy and ethereal. Wrap your string lights around your balcony railings to ensure that nobody gets too close to the edge but still set the right mood for entertaining guests when the sun goes down.

Don’t be afraid to go green. You can also utilize solar-powered lights for your balcony, especially if electric sockets don’t reach this part of your space. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also helps you save money.

6.   Incorporate greenery

Incorporate plants and herbs into your home’s design to liven up your space. Putting them outside, on your balcony, can be a great idea as it gives your plants the sunlight and fresh air they need to grow. Parsley, sage, and mint are low-maintenance plants you can start with. Maybe you’ll discover your green thumb on your balcony redesign!

7.   Secure your balcony

While the balcony is a great place to relax and let loose, safety and privacy can concern residents. Sturdy glass panels or steel railings typically fence balconies for condo units. Use attachable hooks or panels to hang a safety net across the edge of your area to avoid accidents.

You can also opt to hang your greeneries on the railings with the help of vertical planters to maintain some privacy.

Ensure A Hassle-Free Balcony Redesign

There is almost always a long list of requirements that families look for when searching for a new home. A condo unit’s balcony can serve many purposes to help you cross out everything you need. Make the most out of your balcony with functional and visually pleasing redesign ideas to make family time more memorable.

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