The living room is where most people spend bulk time with their families and, most importantly, host visitors. Therefore, adding a decorative touch to the space to promote functionality and comfort is essential. From throw pillows to lighting fixtures, you can give your living room an inspiring design that stands out.

Below are some decor ideas that will give your living room a stylish and homey look.

Wall Art Decoration

Installing custom wall decor is one good idea to turn those bare walls into personable, stylish statements. There are different ways you can amp up your walls to bring out a homey feel and still project your sense of taste, including installing artwork, photos, or antiques. The perfect choice of wall art can help you choose a color pallet for your interiors and bring a sense of texture to your living room.

Addition of Mirrors

Adding a mirror is a practical way to make a statement in your living room. Moreover, mirrors make the whole space appear larger and brighter. Consider adding a circular mirror with minimal framing if you are after a modern look. To showcase your passion for art, you can opt for vintage mirrors, and for a luxurious touch, you can always go for golden framed mirrors.

Custom Made Curtains

Stylish window dressing has the potential to bring out the underlying beauty of your living room. The right choice of draperies can also make your space feel finished and look brighter. Unlike other decor ideas like painting, installing curtains is relatively easy, and you can always swap them to match the mood or the occasion.

Styling with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are relatively easy to style as you can incorporate them to match any theme of your space. Throw pillows are also relatively small and can be placed in any spot in your living room.

However, they should neither appear too big nor too small for your couch as they will ruin the whole outlook. Therefore, ensure that they are the perfect size for your sofa. You can also opt to purchase throw pillow covers that embrace the details of your space.

Proper Display of Decorative Items

Consider following a display pattern while placing your decorative accessories on your display shelf to project an illusion of design in your space. Some of the decorative items you can add to your living room include potted plants, family photos, antiques, and your favorite mementos.

Ensure that only your best decorative accessories are displayed to avoid overcrowding the display shelf. You can also arrange your decorative items according to their height, shape, size, and color.

Statement Rugs

Rugs are excellent heat insulators, and they provide that warm and cozy feeling to your space. When choosing a rug, ensure that it complements the other pieces in your living room. If your couches have a floral pattern, you can consider adding a neutral rug to complement the mix.

When looking for a luxurious look, you can never go wrong with silky rugs and for sophistication and elegance, always opt for striped rugs. You can also choose to cover the whole floor with the same type of rug to create a unifying feel.

Install Decorative Lighting

Lighting is always essential to any space to make it functional and habitable. Having the proper lighting ideas for your living room gives it that glam and homey glow. Some lighting fixtures you can install in your space include ceiling fans, chandeliers, pendant lights, and flush mount lights. Hanging a chandelier in your living room exudes an atmosphere of glitz and glamour.

Indoor Fireplace

An indoor fireplace gives that cozy feel to your space. As not all homes come with an inbuilt fireplace, opting to add one to your home is a great idea. A great idea to decorate your indoor fireplace is to paint the tiles and mantle of your fireplace to match the color pallet of your space. You can also opt for different custom sizes and shapes of your indoor fireplace according to your preference.

Closing Remarks

Creating a stylish living room can have several benefits, including increasing the aesthetic value of your home and providing a conducive environment for relaxing and entertainment for you and your family. Try out the above living room decor ideas to create the living room you have always wanted and unleash the underlying beauty of your home.

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