8 Innovation Ideas to Make a Small Living Room Bigger!

Innovation Ideas

Innovation Ideas


Whether working from home or spending your weekend indoors, your living room is always there for you. Given that you spend a lot of time in your living room, what are your thoughts about living big in your small space? 

Especially when it comes to people living in studio apartments or tiny homes, they are always looking for exciting ways to layout their living room furniture. Yesterday while I was at the escape room Breakout, a friend of mine gave me some beautiful ideas about making my small living room look bigger than it is. Here is what he told me: 

1.      Highlight the best aspects of your room 

The first thing you need to start working on is highlighting the best features of your living room. Ensure that you turn those into the focal point of your room. In this way, you can give an appealing look to the overall setup of your living room space. 

For those with a small yet stunning fireplace in their living room, you can point all your furniture to draw all attention to it. Now, if your living room has excellent natural light, you can play around with it by using lighter colors in the room. 

2.      Welcome some natural light

Making way for sunlight to flood in through your doors and windows can help you elevate your living room space. Instead of installing small windows in your living room, you can install big glass windows that will allow sunlight to rush in its utmost glory!

You can even hang a mirror somewhere in your living room area to allow the light to reflect across your room. As you allow natural light to enter your living room, you will notice how it seemingly makes your space look bigger! 

3.      Utilize in-built furniture and shelves

Though you may need to keep many items in your living room area, you also need to ensure that it does not make your room look too cramped. Placing too much furniture or shelves in your living room can make it look small and dingy. 

So, instead of bringing in chunks of furniture and filling up your living room area, you can use some in-built furniture and shelves! In this way, you can store all your necessary items and still make your living room more significant than it is.  

4.      Experiment with your layout 

Having limited space in your living room will make you think creatively. You can think beyond the traditional living room layouts and experiment with different and unique styles!

Play around with your existing living room furniture and place them in unconventional ways to maximize your space. For those with a narrow and long living room, placing couches or sofas back-to-back can be an innovative way to experiment with your layouts!  

5.      Using lighter colors on your walls 

Giving your living room walls a coat of a lighter shade can be an efficient strategy to maximize your living room space. Painting your walls a light color allows you to accentuate every corner of your room and spread the light all around your room. 

Lighter colors create an illusionary effect and make your room look bigger than it originally was. Thus, painting your small rooms with a golden color is always the best choice! 

6.      Play with painting hacks!

Did you know that a few painting hacks can make your living room look bigger? You can paint vertical or horizontal stripes on the walls of your living room to enhance its overall outlook. Using vertical lines in your room can elevate your space by making your ceiling look taller. 

On the other hand, painting horizontal stripes make your eye continue horizontally and widens your space. You can paint a lighter color on your moldings to make your living room look great! 

7.      Dropping the perfect curtains

Using suitable curtains in your living room can effectively enhance the overall outlook of the area. It is always best to use lightweight curtains for small living rooms since they do not block or absorb sunlight. 

Yet another helpful hack for small living spaces is to use same-colored curtains. Given that monochromatic curtains will seamlessly blend with your entire living space, it will make your living room look bigger! 

8.      Paint your floors the same as your walls!

Spread your neutral color palette from your living room walls to your floors. For living rooms that benefit from a lot of natural light, painting the feet as the walls can be an effective strategy to maximize the living space. 

Using a gentle undertone of the vibrant white color is better than choosing the former. Ensure that you use only one color to paint your walls and floorboards. In this way, you can create an inviting, clean, and bright living space that will look bigger than it is in reality! 


With these eight innovative ideas up your sleeves, you can now revamp your living room and make it look bigger and brighter than earlier. So, which of these few tricks can you not wait to try?

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