6 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Landscaping

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Your landscape can become stagnant over time, no longer reflecting your house or even fulfilling your vision of how it should appear. Thankfully, there are some straightforward methods for refreshing your landscape. With these pointers, you can create an outdoor space that not only looks fantastic but feels personal to your family as well.

A well-cared-for landscape is the most appealing thing you can have outside your home. Taking time to refresh your landscape can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home. Landscape and lawn care can also increase the overall value of your property. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to improve the look of your backyard, these are six simple ways to refresh your landscaping this spring.

1. Add Some Color

Adding some color is one of the easiest ways to refresh your landscaping. You can plant colorful flowers and shrubs or even add some colorful outdoor furniture or décor to brighten up your space. Choose colors that complement your home’s exterior and the existing landscaping.

A well-chosen color scheme can have a major impact on your landscape. It can brighten dark corners, soften neutral spaces and even fill in blank sections of your yard with vibrant pops of color. Add some vibrant flair to your area with ease just by being creative. It could be as easy as selecting dynamic outdoor furniture or replacing tan cushions with bright hues.

It’s also essential for landscape maintenance services to consider how colors interact with one another. Pairing two or more distinct hues together amplifies their intensity. Instead, try layering similar tints and shades next to one another for a less-intense visual.

Add visual interest to your landscaping by including cool, soothing hues like blue, green, grey, or violet in your landscape design. These colors promote feelings of serenity, calm, and reflection. Furthermore, it may hint at the weather or season in which you took your photo. A carefully chosen color combination can give your images extra life and emotional impact.

2. Install A Focal Point

Focal points are features that stand out from your landscape and offer you a focus for attention. These could include anything from fountains to statues or trellises. A focal point can be anything that draws the eye and adds interest to your landscaping. It can be a statue, a fountain, or a large rock. A focal point can also be a grouping of plants or a tree that stands out from the rest of your landscaping.

Designing a garden or refreshing your landscape, adding focal points is an effective way to add depth and visual interest. They also help divert attention away from eyesores like drainpipes and weeds so that you can focus on the more aesthetic elements of your yard.

Your landscape focal point should be determined by several factors, including your home’s style and yard area. A romantic statue-based design fits perfectly into a cozy cottage garden; on the other hand, an obelisk may be too large and distracting for larger properties.

No matter the landscape design elements you choose, make sure to coordinate your focal points with the rest of your landscaping. Doing so will guarantee they remain attractive and eye-catching no matter the season or changes in nearby plants and lighting levels. It also helps avoid using one single focal point too overwhelmingly or dominatingly.

3. Add Lighting

Landscape lighting can help you make the most of your landscaping by extending outdoor time and offering new ways to enjoy it after dark. It also adds beauty and value to your home by showcasing architectural features, fountains, trees, and other aspects of the landscape while providing safety benefits as well as an ambiance.

Landscape design can be enhanced with various types of lights, depending on what you want to achieve. Popular choices include uplighting, downlighting, and path illumination. Uplighting creates a dramatic effect by shining light from above on a tree or structure, while downlighting adds brightness near the base of plants or features. These lights work best when combined with spotlights but can also be used as stand-alone fixtures to draw attention to certain display points like sculptures or water features.

Discrete fixtures cast intriguing shadows on walls and other surfaces for a dramatic yet understated look. They can also be placed around patio or deck perimeters to create an inviting area to dine and entertain with family and friends.

Outdoor lighting can add beauty and functionality to your landscaping. It can illuminate pathways, highlight focal points, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of lighting options, including solar-powered lights and LED lights.

4. Create Defined Spaces

Refreshing your landscape with defined spaces is one of the best ways to add aesthetic value. You can accomplish this by including hardscaping elements like walls, benches, and retaining walls for visual interest. Creating defined spaces will make your landscape more accessible and functional for family members and guests alike.

The key is creating a look that appeals visually yet still includes all of the essential components necessary for successful landscaping. Defining different areas in your landscaping can create a more organized and cohesive look. You can create designated spaces by adding borders, hedges, or even small walls. This can also help to separate different areas, such as a dining area or a play area for kids.

With the perfect combination of hardscaping and horticulture, your yard can be the envy of the neighborhood. Achieving this goal requires careful planning with qualified lawn care maintenance services. Select elements that suit both your home’s aesthetic and budget; for instance, drought-resistant plants or native species may be beneficial.

5. Incorporate Water Features

Water features are an excellent way to add some visual interest and character to your landscape. They come in a range of styles, so they can seamlessly integrate into the existing landscaping or stand out as a stand-out feature. They provide relaxing sounds and sights that will help you unwind. Plus, they can serve as a natural humidifier in hot weather.

Water features can significantly boost your property’s value in today’s competitive real estate market. No matter the size or style, water features create a serene and peaceful ambiance in your yard. This is an especially significant advantage for homeowners. Another great benefit of water features is that they can be tailored to fit smaller areas. This is great news for homeowners with smaller yards.

Integrating a water feature into your landscape design requires working with an experienced professional who understands how to match it with both the space and existing landscaping. A great designer will also create an aesthetic that makes the water feature seem natural in the surrounding area.

6. Keep It Maintained

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your landscaping looking fresh and beautiful. This includes watering, weeding, pruning, and lawn fertilization. Regular maintenance can also help prevent problems, such as pests and disease, and keep your landscaping healthy and vibrant.

Landscape and lawn care not only adds to the curb appeal of your property, but it can also boost resale value and enhance the quality of life for you and your family. A wild, messy landscape with neglected hardscaping features will detract from its appearance and could even reduce the home’s resale price.

Maintaining your landscaping may seem like an impossible task to manage on your own, but with landscape maintenance services, you don’t have to. Their team will create a tailored maintenance plan tailored for your individual needs and budget so you don’t miss any important tasks.

One of the most rewarding parts of landscaping is watching your yard flourish throughout each season. To achieve successful results, schedule seasonal lawn care maintenance services at appropriate intervals so that plants, trees, and shrubs have all they need to thrive.

Maintaining your landscaping is the best way to guarantee its beauty for years into the future. And what’s even better, landscape maintenance services can perform all necessary upkeep at a time convenient for you and your family. The end result? A healthy, vibrant yard you’ll love looking at and using for years!


Landscapes are one of the first things people notice about a home, so it’s essential to keep them looking attractive and up-to-date. Additionally, landscape and lawn care can add value and a stunning curb appeal to your property.

Though it may seem like a lot of effort to completely redo your landscaping, there are plenty of cost-effective solutions that will add some charm and curb appeal. With expert assistance from lawn care maintenance services, you can breathe new life into an outdated yard and turn it into an inviting outdoor living area.

Refresh your landscape by adding some vibrant color. Planting flowers and shrubs that will thrive throughout different seasons is a great place to begin. Another great way to enhance your landscaping is by adding low-maintenance plants and structures. This is especially beneficial if you’re a busy family who doesn’t have time or desire for lawn fertilization to maintain their garden or outdoor space.

In conclusion, refreshing your landscape can be a simple and affordable way to add beauty and value to your home. By incorporating these six simple tips, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.

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