5 Yearly Maintenance Tasks for Your Mobile Home

Westland Distributing Partners

Westland Distributing Partners

There are many distinct benefits to living in a mobile home. Compared to traditional housing options, many people find mobile homes more straightforward to take care of and easier to manage. To help keep track of things and stay on top of some of the more common problems, learn about these five yearly maintenance tasks for your mobile home that you should consider investigating.

1. Check Your Skirting

Skirting is an invaluable part of your mobile home. This layer of wood, metal, vinyl, or stone helps protect your home’s underside from adverse weather conditions and pests. It also prevents the buildup of mold or mildew. You don’t need to change your skirting every year, but it may be a good idea to perform annual inspections to see if it’s weaker in a particular area or if you may need to start measuring for a new kit soon.

2. Re-Level When Necessary

Re-leveling your mobile home is necessary because one side or corner of your home is likely to sink deeper into the foundation than the others over time. Slanted dwellings can result in stuck doors and other annoyances, leading to further damage. There are lots of things to know about re-leveling a mobile home, but an annual inspection should be a top priority. Catching unevenness early can save time, hassle, and money if you fix it fast enough.

3. Maintain Your Roof

No matter what type of roof you have, checking it should be a yearly maintenance task for your mobile home. You can reseal or recoat your roof whenever you catch any damage. If your roof has shingles, we recommend dedicating time to see if you need to replace any of them. Mobile homeowners in areas with hurricanes or tornadoes should always examine their roofs after such an event.

4. Care for Your Heating and Air Conditioning

It’s always a good idea to change your air filters at least two or three times a year, but performing an annual HVAC unit inspection is vital. You don’t want to go without air conditioning during unexpected heat waves. Fortunately, there are many ways to troubleshoot your air conditioner. But hiring a professional to do a thorough inspection can save you hassle when the weather gets harsher.

5. Reseal Windows and Vents

Homeowners lose money on high utility bills because of improper sealing. Once per year, we recommend taking a caulk gun and going around your windows and vents to help ensure they’re good and tight. A proper seal help lower your heating and air conditioning bills. It also helps your mobile home maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

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