5 Ways You Can Support BLM Organizations in 2022

No matter where you are in the globe, you may contribute to the battle for Black lives in various ways.

These may include monetary contributions, participation in demonstrations, online amplification of Black voices, and speaking out about racism when you see it. You’ll discover a few simple methods to contribute right now in the section below.

The information on this page is not meant to be exhaustive, and every effort was made to keep it relevant and current.

1. Exercise Your Right to Vote

You may support political groups and parties that are battling against racism no matter where you are in the world.

Activists in the United States should support the battle against an increasing number of voter suppression measures proposed by state legislatures and urge for mental health intervention rather than police action. Using this tool, you may easily locate and contact the representative for your local congressional district.

It also provides a simple and free method of contacting your Member of Parliament to request that they take action.

Volunteering to help with voter registration is another excellent method to contribute to the larger cause.

2. Wear Black Lives Matter Apparel with Pride

What you wear says a lot about you, particularly if the message supports racial equality and opposition to hatred, like a Black Lives Matter shirt. Own your fight to support this cause and wear your apparel proudly.

The Black Lives Matter movement offers merchandise ranging from caps and t-shirts to stickers and hoodies, and it also features artwork by local and national artists. Purchasing this style of clothes opens up even another route for providing financial assistance to small businesses and organizations supporting the cause as well.

3. Become Knowledgeable About the Subject

In the case of supporters who are not themselves Black, one of the most crucial things they can do is educate themselves about the movement. Look at the many links being shared on social media regarding police brutality, racial inequity, and historical injustice in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other nations.

While researching, take some time to truly listen and digest the stories and messages coming from the Black community as they are being shared with you. Process the fact that you are uncovering true stories about real people, real inequalities they have faced, and the incredible resilience they possess to fight for justice.

It’s also important to consider your own biases – what your emotional reactions are to the present demonstrations and how you’ve learned to behave through the years could influence how you treat the Black people in your life.

For those of you with children, consider how you may teach them to be anti-racist. Look for children’s books that celebrate racial variety and inclusiveness, and have meaningful conversations with your children about race, social justice, and equality.

4. Make a Payment to a Charitable Organization.

Providing financial assistance to a charitable organization is a vital way to show your support for a particular movement or group. Your monetary gift may be used to help pay for programming, legal fights, and wages necessary to keep the organization alive.

Several employers have agreed to match employee contributions, thereby doubling the amount of your investment.

Take this into consideration as well. Programs, particularly non-profit organizations, rely on consistent, year-round revenue to carry out their missions. Instead of making a one-time payment, consider making a recurring monthly contribution.

Even though your contribution is “insignificant,” when combined with others, it may assist in ensuring a consistent supply of funding that allows programs to function smoothly.

5. Encourage and Support Black Entrepreneurs and Inventors

If you want to assist individuals personally, the greatest place to start is supporting Black people’s creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Black people should be hired and promoted, their books, music, and films should be purchased, their Patreon accounts should be donated to, their voices should be amplified by sharing and retweeting, and their businesses should be patronized.

Final Thoughts

This is a continuing fight to overturn decades of evil practices, and we recognize that this requires actively resisting racism and speaking up against injustice daily. To achieve success, we must lift our voices and remain loud in favor of a broad structural change. If you are able, please consider donating to one of the countless groups at the forefront of the fight for racial equality.

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