5 Unique Home Upgrade Ideas

5 Unique Home Upgrade Ideas

People are always looking for new, unique ways to make homes more functional, comfortable, and stylishFortunately, there are many simple upgrades that can achieve this goalHere are five suggestions of home upgrades that are both unique and will improve the functionality of your space.

Upgrade 1 – Wallpaper

The first upgrade is wallpaperThere are many different kinds of wallpaper, ranging from traditional to non-traditionalThere are even some wallpaper options that are removableThere are also small, vinyl decals with similar patterns to wallpaperVinyl decals are easy to remove and can make a room look like it has wallpaper without permanenceWallpaper is also an affordable upgrade, coming in at less than $10 per roll compared to wood flooring or carpeting which can cost around $20-$30 per square footWallpaper can be used on many types of walls including floors, ceilings, and cabinetsOne advantage of using this type of upgrade is it will make the room feel more luxurious and uniqueAdditionally, it gives you an opportunity to show off your sense of style since there are dozens of styles of wallpaper.

Upgrade 2 – Decorative Lighting

The second upgrade is to highlight certain objects in your home with decorative lightingThis can be anything from artwork, plants, or furnitureOne of the advantages of this type of upgrade is it not only makes the object more attractive, but it adds another layer of functionalityusing electricity for lightingFor example, if you’re plants are in a dark corner of your home or they aren’t getting adequate sunlight they can be highlighted with small lampsThese lamps don’t have to cost much eitherYou can even use items from around the house such as old soup cans and put a light inside for a unique lookThis will make the object stand out and also provide the function of lighting the area around it.

Upgrade 3 – Backsplash Tile

The third upgrade is to use backsplash tiles on your kitchen counters or bathroom countersOne advantage of this type of upgrade is that it adds a layer of protection for these areas from water, mold, and other substancesAdditionally, backsplash tiles can come in many colors, shapes, and sizes so it allows you to be very creative with the design of your countertopsSome of the common designs include mosaic, polka dots and tiles that look like woodBacksplash tiles are easy to install and come in many different price ranges so it is an affordable upgradeIf you want to take things to the next level, you can consider installing electric floor heating to really get the best of both worlds.

Upgrade 4 – Hardware

The fourth upgrade is hardware for cabinetsThis includes knobs, pulls, or handles on cabinet doorsOne advantage of this type of upgrade is that it allows you to express your sense of style and individualityAdditionally, the hardware can coordinate with other items in the room such as lighting or wallpaper.

Upgrade 5 – Paint

The fifth upgrade is painting for walls and cabinetsOne advantage of this type of home upgrade is it allows you to make a temporary change to your space, such as seasonal colorHowever, if you don’t like the color then the paint is easy to change out with another type of paint or no paint at allAdditionally, it is less expensive than other home upgrades and also easier to do yourselfPaint can be purchased in many colors and styles so you can find one that matches your sense of style.

Final Thoughts

There are many simple home upgrades that can make your space more functional and stylishAdditionally, they will allow you to express yourself through the design choices you makeSome of these upgrades include wallpaper, decorative lighting, backsplash tiles, and hardware for cabinets, and paint for walls or cabinetsEach upgrade will make your space look different and add functionalityIf none of these upgrades sound like something that would be beneficial for your home then you can always go with a more traditional upgrade such as new light fixtures or new televisionEnhancing the design of a room in a unique manner is simple if you know what type of materials to useOne of the best ways to do this is with wallpaper, lighting, and hardwareThese upgrades will enhance the appearance of any room and also add functionalityusing electricity for lighting and providing a new layer of protectionAdditionally, these upgrades will allow you to express yourself through your design choices and give your home a more luxurious feel.

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