5 Tips For Selling Your Home in the Winter at a Great Price

There’s a typical season for real estate when buying is in higher demand than usual, and that season is commonly the springtime. Not only is this a good time for renewal, but it also gives families time to find a home that they can get settled into in the summer when they have more time off, and get ready for the full swing of life in the fall. However, in today’s real estate market, anytime is really a time for selling your home. If you want to sell your home this winter there are some steps to follow to get you on track to see that “sold” sign up in no time. 

Find your perfect agent

No matter what time of year you are selling your home, the first step is to find an agent who can be by your side throughout the whole process. There are some extra considerations to think about when selling your home in winter. Many people take vacations during the winter months and you’ll want to be sure that your agent will be available when you need them. It can be wise to ask an agent who you are interviewing about their schedule in advance to see how many clients they work with at a time, and how often you will meet them. You can also discuss their typical strategy for selling a home in the winter.

Define your selling goal and strategy

Your agent will help you figure out the best strategy to sell your home, but you can also do some research on your own by studying the market of comparable homes in your area. If you have a timeline for selling that’s an important detail to discuss, especially in winter when it’s possible that home sales may be delayed with vacation schedules.

Price it right

Depending on the market, some homes might sell for a lower price during the winter months. However, this really depends, and your agent will work with you to determine the best price for your home based on its value as well as the goals you have in mind for your selling timeline. You want to avoid a situation where you are offering your home at a price that’s too low.

Get moving on winter maintenance projects

Once you’re in the phase of getting your home ready to sell, you’ll want to get ahead of winter maintenance projects that can increase your home’s appeal. Replacing weather stripping around doors and windows will ensure that your home is warm and inviting for potential buyers. You can also remove debris from gutters to assure potential buyers that your home is winter storm-ready. 

Maximize winter curb appeal

Depending on where you live, winter curb appeal – or how your home appears to potential buyers from the street – might mean clearing walkways of ice and snow, and making sure trees and shrubs are trimmed.  

Selling a home in winter might require some extra planning, but it is certainly possible, especially if you have a trusted real estate agent by your side.

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