5 Things to Know About Your Furnace Filters

5 Things to Know About Your Furnace Filters

Whether you are moving into a space with a furnace, you want to have a furnace put in, or you are just genuinely curious about the ins and outs of owning or maintaining one, there are plenty of things that you should knowThese facts might be something that you already are aware of, but for those who aren’t already aware will learn something that they did not previously think was important when it comes to furnace filters.

There is not a one size fits all policy when it comes to your furnace

There are plenty of furnaces in the world, and all of them are built to fit and filter air through differently sized placesBecause of this fact, you can’t expect to just go to the store and pick out any random filter because you own a furnace and it should fitYou will have to make sure that you are getting the correct size, or the filter isn’t going to go into it, or it might fall right through if it is too smallIn order to make sure you are getting the right size, get a measuring tape and measure out your unit before looking for a furnace.

If you are unable to get correct measurements, take out the pre-existing filter and bring it with you to the store to get a new one so you can measure the filter on site.

How thick the filter is matters more than you think

You might be thinking that if you get a small and thin filter, you will get more airflow while still allowing dust to get caughtBut this is simply not the caseIf you want to make sure that you are getting good airflow, you should never pick the filter that you can easily see right throughIf you choose a filter that you can see through, the dust can easily get in and out of your furnace and homeThis is why it is more important to get a filter that is thick and that you can’t really see through, this way your home is being filtered properly with less dust.

There are certain filters you should avoid due to the material they are made with

Much like sizing the filters properly, you should make sure that you avoid certain filters due to the materials that are used to create itYou want to make sure that you have a filter that is made with sturdy and strong material, but still something that is flexible with good airflowDon’t choose something cheap, sometimes more expensive filters are better because they are higher in quality and will last longer.

The amount of time between filter changes and cleaning might surprise you

While you might be thinking that changing your filter is an every week process, it really isn’t like that at allIn fact, you can go about 90 days before you even have to look at your filter after you put a brand new one inThese filters last a very long time, if you get the right kind of filter that is made with the right material, and because of that, you don’t have to worry about changing it out for something new until a few months after you have already replaced itThis means that you shouldn’t need more than about 5 filters in a single yearSo, you shouldn’t feel bad about spending a little extra money on the higher quality filters.

Changing out the filter doesn’t mean you get away with not properly maintaining your furnace

Finally, if you are new to owning a furnace, then you should know that changing out the filters and making sure that you have the right sizes are the least of your worriesThere are plenty more steps to maintaining and taking proper care of your furnaceChanging the filter more often does not mean that you don’t have to do routine check-ups on this furnace.

Final Thoughts

These are only 5 of the most important things that you should know about having a furnace and the filters that go with itBut if you are considering getting a furnace, or if you do already own one, more research is encouraged so that you know how to take care of it and your home.

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