5 Reasons Apps are Crucial for Business Awareness

5 Reasons Apps are Crucial for Business Awareness

5 Reasons Apps are Crucial for Business Awareness

The way people do business has changed significantly over the years. In more recent times, much of this change has been the result of the smartphone. Almost all consumers have smartphones and use them to shop and make purchasing decisions. As such, one of the most effective ways for spreading the word about your business can be through a smartphone app. Below are five reasons why apps are crucial for business awareness.

Location Informed Marketing

Apps aren’t simply the software you install on your phone. Companies can be fantastic marketing tools that can inform the public about your goods and services. One of the clear advantages of using smartphone apps for marketing purposes is that you will be directly plugged into a single consumer that owns that phone. Part of the information you will acquire regarding that consumer will be their current location. That can allow your business to utilize location-informed marketing so you can direct them to store locations that carry your product directly in their general vicinity.

Tailored One on One Marketing

Beyond the ability to target a consumer’s given location, an app can integrate all kinds of information from a consumer’s given preferences and behavior. If a consumer has ordered the same product through the app before, that consumer can be immediately alerted of when that product will go on sale. This will greatly increase sales in a way that would not be possible through more generic marketing platforms that do not have access to that kind of data regarding individual consumers. Since the marketing performed by the app will be much more informed, the likelihood of producing a real sale will be greatly increased.

App Builders

In the past, there was an assumption that a company had to be a huge national brand to be able to launch a smartphone app. This is no longer true. No longer do you have to hire software developers to build smartphone apps from the ground up. Instead, you can utilize a no-code app builder. Such software removes the technical aspects of app creation for your company. No new code needs to be written. Instead, you only have to input different options to create your customized app. This removes almost all of the financial barriers smaller companies face when creating their apps. This way, you’ll be able to better reach the market of smartphone users and use them to build a loyal customer base.

Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the most common uses for smartphone apps for businesses is a digital customer loyalty program. In the past, customer loyalty programs were much more cumbersome and required things like the use of stamps or punching holes in cards. Today, customer loyalty programs can be run through apps and can be much more in tune with a customer’s data and produce a much more interactive experience. Overall, these loyalty programs will influence customers to spend more money with the company in an attempt to obtain perks that can be bought with points acquired through sales. Keep in mind that 65 percent of a company’s overall business will come from existing customers. Customer loyalty is essential for a business’s survival.

Push Notifications

Something else that will be provided by your company’s smartphone app is the ability to launch push notifications. These are pop-up notifications that appear on a smartphone screen regardless of whether a specific app is open or not. This means that your customers could be alerted of upcoming sales, promotions, product launches, and more even if they do not have your app open on their phones. This can be a great tool for spreading the word about a business that is unavailable in non-digital advertising platforms. It can increase brand awareness and increase sales. All that is needed is to convince the consumer to install the app on their phone. Overall, smartphone apps are amazing software. Through options like push notifications, customer loyalty programs, individualized marketing, and location tracking, they can be used to expand business awareness on a one-on-one level not possible through nearly any other means. Thanks to app builders that do not require coding knowledge, the ability to create apps is now available to businesses of nearly any size. Creating your app can be a real game changer for your company.

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