5 Interior Design Styles to Consider for Your New Place

Are you looking for a great new style to define your home? There is a wide variety for you to choose from. The style you select for your interior design can reflect your income, time of life, or personal sense of style. This is one area where the only limits are the size of your budget and your imagination.

1. You Can Choose an Ultra-Modern Style

One of the most popular interior styles to choose from is known as the Ultra-Modernist. This is a common favorite for the patrons of Deep Ellum apartments and other highly regarded areas. The ultra-modern style is defined by the presence of the very latest technology. Form and function are thus united to form an artistic mix.

2. Try Out a Bit of Mid-Century Style

You may not quite have the gumption to go all in for an ultra-modern style. If this is the case, a bit of mid-century interior decor may be more your speed. This is a style that harks back to the immediate aftermath of World War II. This was a time when openness, warmth, and intimacy were the watchwords of decor.

The defining character traits of mid-century style can be listed as the usage of very vivid colors broken up by well-defined lines. There are a lot of wide-open interiors with plenty of space for personal use. At the same time, there is also an emphasis on communal areas. Think of it as the perfect family arrangement.

3. Pare Things Down to Size with Minimalist Style

Do you prefer to keep things simple? Do you not care for a whole lot of clutter or excess arrangement? You may be an ideal candidate for a style that cuts out a lot of what others take for granted. Although never a top seller, there are plenty of examples of the minimalist style for you to model your own interior on.

There are a number of design elements that mark out the minimalist style. The first, and most obvious, is the preference for empty, wide spaces. The decor is kept to a minimum and is as unobtrusive as possible. Storage spaces are likewise kept in the corners and largely concealed. It’s a great style for clutter haters.

4. Go Country with a Modern Farmhouse Style

One of the most enduring interior design styles will take you straight back to the country. Modern farmhouse style is all about reconnecting with your rural roots. It’s a good way to get back to the basics. Even if you’ve never lived on a farm, you can have all of the charms with none of the grime.

You can decorate your interior with a lot of antique or repurposed items. These are the kinds of items that give your place the look and feel of a genuine rural farmhouse. Tones associated with this style are soft and earthy. You can bring in a number of region-specific plants and other decor items to set it all off.

5. Get Exotic with a Tropical Design Style

Do you long to lounge around on the beaches of the South Pacific? Has it been too long since you sipped a Daiquiri and listened to Tiki music? You may not be able to visit Fiji at the drop of a hat. You can do the next best thing. This will be to bring the style of the exotic tropical islands to your own place.

The elements of tropical design style are wall decor that features jungle designs. These can be done up in lush green along with bright turquoise, beach brown, and similar colors. Your decor can include exotic island plants, Tiki-themed knickknacks, and other elements. Your furniture should be bamboo, rattan, wicker, or teak. This will give your place the look and feel of the tropics.

It’s Time to Select Your Interior Style

There is no time like now to get started on choosing the interior style of your new place. This is your chance to make a grand statement that will reflect your own personality and tastes. It’s also a chance to make the maximum positive first impression on people who visit you. Choose wisely for the best results.

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