5 Incentives That Will Increase Employee Attendance

Many businesses struggle to get perfect attendance from their employees. You may have tried incentives in the past or brought in new employees for a fresh start but still struggle with attendance rates and overall productivity .  Take a look at these five innovative incentives that will encourage better employee attendance permanently.

Have a flexible scheduling system.

Your employees may be calling out frequently due to the scheduling system .  Calling off becomes more likely if your employees don’t like the days they’re scheduled on. This can put employers in a tough spot when trying to fill in gaps in the schedule .  However, giving your employees flexible scheduling will increase their desire to show up for their shifts.

You can also utilize flexible arrival times .  This will allow employees to arrive within a set timeframe and stay until they’ve completed their full shift .  Each business is different and may have strict arrival times to ensure that tasks are completed promptly .  Finding employees with a variety of avail abilities can make it more feasible to initialize a flexible scheduling system in the future.

Offer telecommuting.

Telecommuting is a great way to achieve workday goals while meeting employees halfway .  Many office environments can utilize video calls and virtual monitoring to keep track of their employees during the day .  This allows employees to stay in the comfort of their own homes while fulfilling their daily job duties. Your company may need to establish new channels of virtual communication at first, but telecommuting can dramatically improve attendance and efficiency.

Businesses in retail or similar professions won’t be able to utilize telecommuting as easily .  You may still have to call some or most of the staff in to take care of customers and complete tasks in the store itself .  The best attendance incentives are unique and desirable to your business and your employees.

Utilize an attendance bonus.

Employees are often highly motivated by financial incentives for their great work quality or accomplishments .  An attendance bonus can be staggered to reward those with perfect attendance after one month, three months, and beyond .  Your business can directly reward those who have met their expectations and gone above what was asked of them. This incentive works best for larger companies that can offer a substantially enticing bonus.

For smaller or mid-sized businesses, you can offer celebrations in the office, gift cards, happy hour work time, and more based on your employees’ interests .  Taking feedback from employees is a great way to learn what motivates them to maintain a good attendance record .  You may go through a few incentives on your way to finding the best option for your unique employees.

Establish pet days.

Pet days are a wonderful way to encourage employees to come in and show off their pets .  This incentive encourages camaraderie between employees while creating a fun and exciting atmosphere in the office .  Your employees can show their coworkers their beloved animals while enjoying their nearby presence at work .  You can even encourage competitions for dress-up days and other fun additions.

Improving the mood and atmosphere of the office encourages employees to have a better attendance record .  With a great time clock system, you can monitor which incentives are increasing your employees’ productivity no matter if they’re working from home or in the office.

Allow unpenalized sick days.

Everyone gets sick once in a while, and penalizing these sick days can discourage your employees. Sickness can swiftly spread, causing more call-offs in the future and lowering overall productivity .  Allowing your employees to stay home when they’re sick keeps the office safe for everyone while minimizing harmful stress for the sick person.

Employees want to work for companies that care about their well-being and needs as individuals .  Allowing sick days to be spent at home with no penalties creates trust in the company and makes everyone happier in the office.


Establishing incentives for employee attendance can improve your company’s productivity and the overall work environment .  From handing out cash bonuses to hosting pet dress-up competitions, your employees will be more likely to come to work if they feel they’re being adequately heard and acknowledged .  Utilize some of these great incentives to boost your employees’ attendance in the future.

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