5 Germy Places in the Office You Forgot To Clean

Office Forgot Clean

Office Forgot Clean

Most people know that public spaces are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Office spaces are no exception, and most workplaces will assign people to clean up common areas for this very reason. However, there are some surprising germy places in the office that people forget to clean. Keep reading to learn where the germs may still be lurking.

1. Floor Mats

When was the last time someone washed the rugs and floor mats at your workplace? Chances are, it was a long time ago. Most people know to shake rugs out when they get dirty, but they forget that germs and bacteria aren’t visible. You should deep clean your commercial floor mats on a regular basis to prevent mold, dander, and other gross things from lingering in the office.

2. Computer Keyboards

If your office hires professional cleaners, it’s likely they don’t touch anything on people’s desks. The cleaners don’t want employees to complain about their things being moved around, but that means no one is wiping down the computers. As it turns out, keyboards are one of the germiest places in the office.

3. Break Room Appliances

There are plenty of reasons to practice good hygiene in the office, but the most important is to keep everyone from getting sick. When people are sick, your business isn’t as productive. That means you need to pay special attention when cleaning the most-visited places in the office, like the break room. The handles on the fridge and buttons on the microwave are just two places where germs love to hang out.

4. Vending Machines

Vending machines are yet another place that people forget to clean. It’s sort of gross to realize that you’re touching something so germy right before grabbing a snack, which you then touch and put in your mouth.

Pro Tip: Cleaning Wipes

Our favorite tip for keeping the germs at bay? Keep some cleaning wipes in the break room or near vending machines so people can give things a quick wipe throughout the day.

5. Water Fountain Buttons

Everyone knows how gross water fountains can be, but they’re probably thinking about the waterspout. The button you press to turn on the fountain is also extremely gross because of how many people touch it. And, like most things on this list, it probably gets ignored during routine building cleanings.

We hope this list of germy places in the office that people forget to clean helps you and your employees stay healthy. If you’re worried about forgetting to clean these easy-to-miss locations, just set a reminder on your calendar!

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