Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for years, date night is always important. It’s a chance to escape every day and spend quality time together. It can be difficult to stay indoors and create ways to spend time with your significant other, especially when you’ve been married for a while and have done all the regular date night things. Here, are five fun ideas for a date night out.

1. Having A Backyard Picnic

Sometimes you need a simple change to all the time you spend having dinner inside your home. It is essential to change the scenery by especially breaking the monotony. A backyard picnic is perfect for enjoying a summer night with your partner by shaking up the dinner routine. Start by setting up your picnic area in a spot with a nice view where you can see the beauty of the sky and the stars.

Consider lighting a few candles to create a unique ambiance if you have a fire pit. Then, prepare some of your favorite simple picnic foods. Sandwiches, fruit, and chocolate are all classic picnic staples, but feel free to get creative. You can add extra excitement to your picnic by playing fun games like frisbee or horseshoes. Do not forget the insect repellent! Nothing ruin’s a romantic evening quite like mosquitoes.

2. Cooking Dinner Together In An Airbnb

You can have a good time with your partner by considering spending your time on a new hobby like cooking dinner on Airbnb. You can start by browsing the Airbnb site for a house with a kitchen that catches your eye. Once you’ve found the perfect place, you can begin planning your menu. Agree on a recipe you are both interested in and excited to try. Whether you’re whipping up a gourmet meal or keeping it simple with pizza and pasta, you will have a blast in the kitchen. You can consider theming it to escalate things and make your date fantastic. You can also turn the dinner cooking into a friendly competition. No matter what you choose to cook, a date night in an Airbnb will surely be a hit with your partner.

3. Painting Together

Painting together is a great way to spend quality time while also getting in touch with your creative side. Plus, it’s a perfect activity for all skill levels, even if either of you has never picked up a paintbrush. You will still be able to create something beautiful. All you’ll need is some canvas, paints, and brushes, which can easily be sourced from your local art store. Once you have your supplies, set up a workspace in your home and let the creativity flow. You can paint whatever comes to mind or even try to recreate a piece of art that you both love. Painting together is a fun and unique way to bond with your partner while expressing yourselves creatively.

4. Attend A Stand-Up Comedy Show

If you and your date are looking for a night of hilarity, attending a stand-up comedy show is the perfect activity. You can spend a night at City Winery, which usually hosts the best comedians from the New York comedy club in New York City. Here, you’re sure to find a show that will have you both laughing uncontrollably. You can order good food and drinks before the show to make the evening more enjoyable. You can also request a bottle of wine to share and soak up the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

5. Go Bowling Night

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to spice up a date night. And what’s more fun than bowling? Whether an experienced bowler or a complete novice, heading to the lanes is a great way to enjoy quality time together as partners. Adding a few wagers to the mix can make things even more enjoyable. For example, whoever scores the lowest score has to buy dinner afterward. Or if one person gets three strikes in a row, the other person has to give them a massage. With creativity, you can turn a night at the bowling alley into an unforgettable date. Dates are a time to get creative and try new things with your partner. By brainstorming different fun ideas for a date night out, you can feel confident that you’ll have a good time no matter what activity you choose. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite hobby together.

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