5 Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Welcoming

Hospitality is special when you’re able to experience it. When someone makes you feel welcomed in their home, it can easily become a memorable experience. It’s really nice when you can extend the same level of hospitality to others. Even if you might be a little intimidated by the idea, you don’t have to have a palatial property and freshly baked cookies ready when your guests enter. Creating a hospitable environment requires intentionality, not perfection. By starting with your decor, consider some of the best ways to get started.

1. Start with the Scents

Even though you can’t physically see it, scents make a powerful first impression. When a home smells bad, it can be hard for guests to fake their discomfort. People shouldn’t feel like they need to cut their visits short in order to get fresh air. Try to choose a cohesive scent that flows throughout the house. If you love essential oils, an essential oil diffuser provides fresh, clean scents that are equally therapeutic. A great-smelling candle can fill a room with a great scent. Make sure the candle doesn’t burn for longer than three hours for safety purposes. Just make sure that the scents don’t overpower or overwhelm.

2. Display Personality with Wall Art

Wall art allows guests to understand more about the personality of those who live in the home. For those who live in the home, wall art can serve as an affirmation of the love and care that dwells within. Many families love to display their love by hanging family photos on the walls. Create a gallery wall of family photos by ordering custom art with inkjet media. In addition to displaying family photos, you can also print out lovely quotes about life, love, and happiness.

3. Collect a Variety of Comfortable Textiles

Textiles and fabrics bring layers and a sense of comfort to a room. While there’s nothing wrong with hardwood floors or tile floors, there’s nothing like having a cozy area rug to center the room. You can add textiles and comfortable fabrics through the choice of the window curtains, the fabric of the throw pillows, and the woven style of the furniture you choose. Even with the textures of the blinds, opt for wooden or bamboo blinds over the standard plastic ones. Layer your curtains with a mixture of sheer fabrics and heavier fabrics. By mixing layers, you can easily create visual depth that provides a comforting appeal.

4. Focus on Cleanliness

Cleanliness is essential in order to make your home decor look welcoming. If you’re inviting someone to your home, it doesn’t have to be perfect. However, your home shouldn’t be dirty either. If your home decor looks dirty, it doesn’t matter how pristine and expensive it is. Develop a regular routine surrounding your cleanliness in order to make sure your home is always clean and organized. If the kitchen table has a few papers on it or the kids’ toys are all over the living room floor, that’s not hard to fix and change. However, if the floors haven’t been mopped or vacuumed in a while, dirt piles up. A clean home with simple decor is much better than a dirty home with ornate, expensive decor.

5. Maintain a Great Color Scheme

A great color scheme is easy on the eyes. Take a look at some of the research behind color therapy and science. Certain colors help to calm and relax. Other colors energize. Many companies create logos with color therapy in mind because the color represents the vibe of the brand. If you want people to feel relaxed when they enter your home, muted tones can portray a certain vibe. As you build your color scheme, use the color wheel in order to match complementary colors with each other. While primary colors have their place, secondary colors and tertiary colors can really bring a sense of cohesiveness to the decor.

It’s always awkward when you walk into a space and know you’re not welcomed. The feeling typically makes you never want to come back or make anyone else feel that way. Thankfully, you have control over the atmosphere and vibe when you’re at home. In order to make sure your home feels welcoming to your guests, family members, and friends, consider the following decor ideas.

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