4 Common Signs of Wood Rot on a Door Frame

Rot Door Frame

Rot Door Frame

Just like you need caring for at times, your home also needs maintenance and upkeep to function properly. A downfall to numerous homes is the development of wood rot. The house stands against all forms of weather conditions, and the exterior is the place to demonstrate the first characteristics of rot.

When you aren’t aware of the most common signs of wood rot on door frames, it’s easy to let your home slowly deteriorate. Continue reading so you can protect and prepare your home for the spring!

Peeling Paint

Paint gradually flakes away from the painted wooden door frame, leaving the wood exposed to the air. Excess moisture causes this phenomenon, and it is one of the earliest signs that the door frame is beginning to rot. The paint can’t adhere to the wood due to moisture.

Dark Patches

Once the paint starts peeling, you’ll soon notice some dark patches throughout the wooden frame. The dark spots are indications of mold and mildew. You can usually find these dark patches at the base of the door frame, where water collects after heavy rainfall.

The Door Won’t Close

There always seems to be something in the way, and the door won’t close just right. You slam the door closed, and it hardly clicks into place behind you.

As the wood begins to rot, it also starts to warp. The once perfectly aligned door frame now curves and causes the door to sit unevenly.

The Wood Is Soft to the Touch

When you notice some of the signs of wood rot on the door frame, you can use a screwdriver to gently touch the wood. If the wood is hard, it’s still in good shape! But if the screwdriver easily pushes into the wood and feels soft, the wood is likely rotting.

Wood rot spreads quickly. If the rotted wood is small enough, you might be able to make a quick repair without replacing the entire door frame. But if the damage is quite large, you may need to replace the entire frame.

Some people ignore the signs that their door frame is rotting and let it spread to the door itself. While it may be a hard pill to swallow, wood rot is a good enough reason to replace your entry door. Doing so will protect the structural integrity of the home and give you peace of mind knowing your door frame and entry door are healthy and sturdy. It’s best to act quickly in this case and replace both the door and door frame as a precaution.

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