10 Awesome Tips to Have a Natural Air Cooler at Home

It is important to have cool air in the home. That’s because it makes you feel fresh all day and help improve your respiratory health.

However, not every house has the capacity to let natural air in. Luckily, there are actionable tips that you can follow to welcome the cool breeze inside your home.

Block the Heat

Investing in heat blockers is one of the best ways to cool off your home. These are home-building materials that prevent the heat from coming into your house.

There are many ways to stop heat from coming into your home. You can use reflective surfaces on windows and doors. You can install insulating curtains or shutters or invest in energy-efficient windows.

These are just several ways you can block heat from making its way into your home, which will be helpful during the summers.

Strip in the Cool Air

Weather-stripping is a sealant used to fill the gap between the door and the frame. It prevents air from leaking in or out, which can cause drafts and, eventually, damage due to excessive moisture buildup. It can also help you save on your heating bill by making sure your door or window seals tightly.

It doesn’t only ensure that you’re warm during the cooler months, as is commonly believed by many people. It can also help keep the cool air that your air conditioner generates during the hotter months.

Vent Your Attic

Venting the attic is a great way to keep your house cool in the summer. This is because it allows hot air to escape from the attic and go into the atmosphere, where you can cool it.

If you don’t ventilate your attic, you might find that your house is too hot and uncomfortable. This is because you will trap all of the heat inside your home.

That’s why you shouldn’t forget to vent your attic as well. Doing this will allow hot air from inside the house to escape and make room for cold air to enter.

Add Insulated Window Film

Do you want to keep your house breezy? You can try adding insulated window film to the windows. This is a great way to reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating in your home.

Insulated window film is a thin, clear plastic that attaches to the inside of your windows. It reflects the sunlight and blocks the heat, which helps keep your home cool on hot summer days.

Block the Heat Through Insulation

You can make your home cooler through insulation.

Insulation is the key to keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are various insulation types, each with its pros and cons. The most common insulation type is fiberglass.

Fiberglass insulation is made from two materials: glass fibers and a binder. The glass fibers trap air, which keeps it from escaping or leaking out. The binder holds everything together not to fall apart or get crushed when you move it around.

If you don’t have insulation or plan to get newer ones, you can use fiberglass.

Place Ice in Front of a Fan

Say your air conditioner is not working, and it’s a scorching day. Placing a small block of ice in front of a fan can be a quick fix to cool yourself off.

The electric fan will spread the coldness from the ice or cool water, which you can temporarily bask in.

Set Your Ceiling Fans to Rotate Counter-Clockwise

There is a common misconception that ceiling fans are meant to cool the air. The truth is that they are intended to circulate the air. Setting your ceiling fan to spin counter-clockwise creates a wind-chill effect which will help cool your home.

At Planet Maid Service NYC, we recommend keeping your ceiling fans clean. Doing so ensures that you are not blowing dust all over your house.

Place Your Air-Cooler in Front of the Window

Windows bring in a lot of heat, but they also let in a lot of light. Thus, placing an air cooler in front of the window will help keep your house cool.

Some homes have a problem with their central AC unit not keeping up with the heat. The issue is that the unit has to work harder to cool the house down, which takes more energy.

If you place an air cooler in front of your window, it will help keep the air from getting as hot as it would without one there.

Allow for Cross Ventilation

Cross ventilation is a cooling technique that cools and hot air out. It is done by opening windows on opposite sides of the house.

This technique is very effective at night because it allows cool air to flow into the house while hot air can escape. Some people even open their windows during the day to let cool air in and push hot air out.

The two most significant benefits of cross ventilation are saving money and reducing pollution. First, this technique reduces the need for air conditioning by letting the hot air escape your house. Hence, you’re reducing your energy bills.

Second, cross ventilation can significantly reduce pollution inside your home. That’s because you allow fresh air in and out regularly.

Swap Your Light Bulbs

Changing light bulbs is a simple yet effective way to keep your house cool.

This is because incandescent bulbs produce more heat than any other bulb type, and they also don’t last as long as LED lights.

If you replace your old bulbs with LED lights, it will produce less heat and keep your house cooler.

The tips listed above can help you naturally cool the air in your home without having to rely so much on your air conditioning unit. So, if the heat is scorching and you do not want your energy consumption to skyrocket, consider following these tips.

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